A Design and Visualization Tool for RNA Secondary Structure

Welcome to the RNA-DV project website.

RNA-DV aims at providing an easy-to-use GUI for visualizing and designing RNA secondary structures. It allows users to interact directly with the RNA structure and perform operations such as changing primary sequence content and connect/disconnect nucleotide bonds. It also integrates thermodynamic energy calculations including four major energy models. RNA-DV recognizes three input formats including CT, RNAML and dot bracket (dp).

Release Notes

RNA-DV Version 1.0 is out ! Here are some Screenshots. A video demo is also available (demo.avi).
The Web Version can be accessed at RnaDvApplet. JRE 1.6+ is required to run the applet. A GUI user manual (pdf) is available.
Binary and source code (coming soon) can be downloaded from RnaDv. RNA-DV is developed under Netbean IDE 6.1+.


Questions and suggestions regarding RNA-DV project are encouraged. Correspondence should be addressed to Herbert H. Tsang and Denny C. Dai . Use sourceforge tracker to submit your bug report.